About Me:
I'm a librarian who is raising two three small daughters with my husband who is a model-train loving, stay-at-home dad. So, as you can imagine, our home is awash in bookcases, n-scale train paraphernalia, tinker toys and teething rings. My two favorite places to read are in the rocking chair in my girls' room (with them in my lap) and on my comfy couch next to our thrift-store lamp that casts the best light. My dream is was to someday own a home with a fireplace surrounded by built-in bookcases, hence the hearth theme of this blog. We now have a lovely little home, but since it does not have a fireplace, I'll use this virtual space instead.

So, pull up a chair here by the fire and let's chat! There's nothing more enjoyable than reading and discussing great books (and the occasional cheesy one, too).

(so-called credentials: MLIS, MA English, reader since 1st grade, and darn it, I just know what I like. . .)