Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mama's Bank Account by Kathryn Forbes

This is the perfect Thanksgiving book!  First of all, it's short. So you can read it in its entirety while the turkey is in the oven. But even better, it kindles that warm cozy feeling of being surrounded by your loved ones.

Oh sweet sentimentality, how I love you in moderation.

Click here for a Norwegian
meatball recipe (substitute ground
turkey if you need to get rid of it!)
or just visit your local IKEA for
some authentic meatballs.
Mama's Bank Account is a series of vignettes that tells the story of a Norwegian family who settles in San Francisco in the early 20th century. Mama and Papa manage to scrape by during the tough times and build a life for themselves and their four children. 

Katrin, the oldest daughter, captures all the touching moments in daily life.  Like the time she is asked to help serve a tea with all the "high society" girls who look down on immigrants.  They were horrified by the "working class" meatballs that Mama sent.  Unfortunately, they exhibited similar snootiness to the school janitor who consequently turned off the heating, thereby sabotaging the event. Of course, as soon as Mama heard, she came to the rescue with thermoses of hot coffee.  By the end of the day, the mean girls were lining up for a taste of meatballs!

Each story is like this--some hardship is faced (like Dagmar's hospitalization) and Mama helps the family overcome it (in this case, Mama dresses up like the washerwoman to sneak in and see poor Dagmar after surgery).

After Thanksgiving dinner tonight, go Netflix the old Irene Dunne movie, I Remember Mama, which is based on the book.  It will make you smile and count your blessings.
<I bought this book from the Friends of the Library book sale.>


  1. I love that movie, but didn't realize it was based on this book :)

  2. I know, isn't the movie great? The book is just as fun. I'm so glad I ran across it.