Thursday, June 2, 2011

And the Crowd Goes Wild

Yes, sports fans, I was someone's hero today.

A lady called looking for 10th Anniversary by James Patterson and the stars must be in perfect alignment because it was actually on the shelf with no holds.

I returned to the phone with the good news and she literally screamed like she won the lottery.  Apparently, she is #125 on the hold list at the county library.

Unable to believe the good news, she called back less than a minute later to verify that it was really here waiting for her and not a rental (we don't do rentals).  Then she screamed again and she said she'd be right down.

I wonder if I should prepare myself for a giant bear hug.

Physical displays of affection from strangers aside, I like being a librarian.


  1. This made me smile; days like this make the bad days at work worthwhile.

    I love it when I can grab a book from our library used bookshop shelves that a customer comes in looking for. Because all our books are donated, we never know what we are going to have at any given moment, so when we can match a customer's request, that's pretty good!

  2. It's the best feeling, isn't it? Thank you for stopping by my blog!