Thursday, April 28, 2011

Yes, It's Still Poetry Month

Still a few days left of National Poetry Month.  Things are busy here at the library and on the homefront (as we prepare for an upcoming camping trip).  So, here's a quick fun one by Ogden Nash in honor of our mini-vacation (and I do mean "mini") at the beach next week:

Hark to the whimper of the sea-gull;
He weeps because he's not an ea-gull.
Suppose you were, you silly sea-gull.
Could you explain it to your she-gull?

I know. Not highbrow poetry that. But, enjoyable nonetheless. As I watch the gulls at the beach trying to swipe our picnic, I will be sure to acknowledge their pain at not being a more noble species.

There's actually a blog about Nash's work called. . .wait for it. . ."Blogden Nash."  Quit rolling your eyes--that's funny stuff.

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