Saturday, October 21, 2017

Read-a-thon hour four

Hour four I read a interesting book about a lion. My siblings where listing to other short auto books. Sorry I know it is short. I will make future ones longer. Promise!

Read-a-thon hour 4

We are still listening to minions. It is a really good story! The littler kids are playing lego well mom and I read. There are still snacks. I thought we would finish them in a few minutes!

Read-a-thon Hour 3

We are at Hour 4! This hour was a good hour. We are listening to a auto book again. We are listening to minions! My siblings finished tones of books.

Read-a-thon hour 2

This is a book review/report. We listen to a auto book called Dancing Shoes. It is about to sisters named Rachel and Hillary. Hillary was adopted. There mother dies so they and there Nana go live with there Aunt and Uncle and spoiled cousin. Rachel's mothers dyeing request is that Hillary would learn Ballet. Rachel struggles to make Hillary learn Ballet. Hillary has other ideas.

Read-a-thon hour 1

 Hour 1

We read 5 books in all. We probable could of read more But every one was busy snacking. Before we know it the hour was over. I will make future reports longer but nothing really happened.

Read-a-thon - The Beginning

Hey Guys! I am happy to say I am passing down Book Hearth to my daughter Alphawolfreader. You take it from here Alphawolfreader.

Hello! Today is Read-a-Thon day! We will be reading for 24 hours. Once an hour I will report to you guys on how we are doing. Enjoy!

Before we start we are setting up lots of different snacks. I think the chocolates are the best! Also we made goals and challenges for are Read-a-Thon. Then we cut them into to strips and put them in a bowl. Then we give them a good shake and draw are challenges. My challenges are Read with a dog and Read on all the beds of the house. My goal is to read 50 animal books. And in all read 100 books. Wish me luck!

Friday, May 27, 2016

The Habit of Being: Letters of Flannery O'Connor (Part 3)

Yup. Still Flannery. I am not big on emotionalism, especially in regard to faith. Apparently, neither is she.

From a letter to Maryat Lee                                19 May 57 My prayers are unfeeling but habitual, not to say dogged, and I do include you in them. -pg. 220

On writing about "unpleasant" people:
From a letter to Cecil Dawkins                                30 January 56
 Of course I hear the complaint over and over that there is no sense in writing about people who disgust you. I think there is; but the fact is that the people I write about certainly don't disgust me entirely though I see them from a standard of judgment from which they fall short. Your freshmen who said there was something religious here was correct. I take the Dogmas of the Church literally and this, I think is what created what you call the "missing link." The only concern, so far as I see it, is what Tillich calls the "ultimate concern." It is what makes the stories spare and what gives them any permanent quality they may have.  There is really only one answer to the people who complain about one's writing about "unpleasant" people--and that is that one writes what one can. Vocation implies limitation but few people realize it who don't actually practice an art.  -pg. 221